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Making Workspace and Office Cleaning Routine

As businesses gradually return to normal after the prolonged disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the routine cleaning of working and commonly shared spaces once again becomes a priority. Over the past two years, workspaces and offices have been shut down entirely or, when they have been in operation, the emphasis has been on specialised, deep cleaning to sanitise spaces and keep pathogens at bay.

Now, as offices and other working spaces return to ordinary operations, the standard, routine cleaning of workspaces is again on the agenda. Many managers will ask themselves whether to assign cleaning tasks to existing members of staff, hire a dedicated in-house cleaning crew, or outsource the job to a contract cleaning service provider.

Why should routine cleaning be a priority?

Before considering any of the options, it is important to understand why routine cleaning is necessary in the first place. Firstly, it is a health matter. Clean workspaces and offices make for better working environments. Disease-causing pathogens can be kept under control, and regular dusting prevents possible allergic reactions such as hay fever and asthma. Additionally, cleaning protects a business’s assets, prolonging the life of fabric and carpets and keeping them in a good, presentable state. A clean work environment helps the company to present itself well to staff while also making a good impression with customers. In addition, an uncluttered work area also promotes productivity and increases employee morale. 

For all these reasons, daily cleaning is an essential support function for any business.

Why contract cleaning is the best option

In the medium to long term, it becomes difficult to manage effectively when you expect staff to carry out cleaning duties in addition to their other daily tasks. Multitasking may seem like a cost-saving option, but ultimately it distracts employees from their area of expertise, often reducing productivity and employee morale. Often it is more productive to engage a contract support services provider to assume responsibility for all cleaning tasks. 

Working with a contract cleaning company is more cost-effective than directing staff away from their jobs. Cleaning professionals also know how to target those often overlooked areas where dust gathers and germs breed. 

It is possible to schedule cleaning for times that best suit your business. Cleaning staff can work after or before your normal working hours, ensuring that your work areas are always clean when you are open for business, and there is no risk of your operations staff and the contract cleaners getting in each other’s way. 

Contract cleaners have all the necessary equipment. You will never have to worry about purchasing cleaning machinery or products. Reliable contract cleaning companies also keep their staff up to date with changes in legislation, health & safety, training and best practices – something else you will not have to worry about.

Working with contract cleaners gives you peace of mind, saves you money and time, and guarantees a clean, tidy workspace at all times.

What Outsource Support can offer

Outsource Support offers a range of facility services, maintenance and cleaning services for property managers and businesses across Dublin and the North East of Ireland. Working closely with each client, we strive to understand the management requirements of their facility. In addition to routine cleaning, we can also create a tailored plan which may include maintenance, security, pest control and office support.

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