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working together we can achieve sustainable success

Together we drive change, together we have an impact.

Social sustainability impact

Outsource Support is committed to making a positive impact within our community, through the connectedness and collaboration of our workplace and community where our colleagues can thrive.

Equality and accessibility are the bedrock of future environmental regeneration, so our social impact is a key pillar in our journey towards greater sustainability.

Our business objectives and activities are based on five core social commitments:

  • To create a workplace with purpose where people can grow and be safe.
  • To empower everyone to play their part in a healthier and safer workplace.
  • To develop and up skill people for their futures.
  • To build an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong.
  • To positively impact the communities in which we work.

Waste removal strategy

Outsource Support’s strategy for waste removal is built on pillars of: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we use this framework across our operations and supply chains.

Work Safety

Work Safety


Reduction in consumption and production is essential to the waste hierarchy. To examine where we can reduce we can ask ourselves:

  • Is there something else I can use for this purpose?
  • Does this need to be done?
  • Is the item part of something you need, or want?



Reusing or re-purposing items means not only less waste but also less energy usage. For example, re-purposing food waste through composting, which in turn can be used to grow more plants.


There are very few materials that cannot be recycled, but recycling facilities have a high financial and energy cost. So, whilst the recycling element is a popular focus of many community eco drives, it stays at the bottom of the hierarchy as the least efficient option above landfill.

Carbon emissions management plan

Prior to 2021, transport accounted for up to 63% of Outsource Support’s carbon emissions.

The focus of our Carbon Management Plan is to reduce carbon emissions within our operations as our business continues to grow. In our commitment to reduce transport emissions and become more efficient we aim to reduce the number of material deliveries we make to our customer locations.

Transport targets

We aim to ensure 80% of our deliveries exceed the minimum cash value of €75 to meet our target commitment to reduce emissions from the volume of low-value deliveries.



Awareness and education

Our Operations Support Team are trained on the negative carbon emission impact frequent small deliveries have on our environment.

Transport monitoring

We have added the new challenge to the Operation Team’s KPIs to ensure targets are met through monthly performance reviews.

We are committed to fully electric vehicles.

A number of our executive team already drive EVs and we want to go further. Outsource Support intends to transition new vehicle purchases to fully electric vehicles in support of the Government’s 2030 target.

Supply chain sustainability

Outsource Support is committed to a sustainable procurement process and only works with suppliers who adhere to our vision and values.

Our rigorous auditing process involves a sustainability assessment of potential suppliers, and requires evidence of their commitment, including ISO accreditations and Outsource Support reporting.

Work Safety

Work Safety

Responsible product selection

We endeavour to integrate sustainability into every part of our business. We only use products that are effective, planet-conscious and cruelty-free, and we choose equipment that helps to reduce energy and water usage. We want to maximise value for our customers while working to protect and enrich the planet.



Energy efficient vacuum cleaners

We use Numatic’s latest eco-efficient models to provide a 30% reduction in energy consumption. The 420W high-efficiency motor of the ERP180, delivers professional cleaning while reducing energy usage and cost by an estimated 46%.

Work Safety

Work Safety

Pulse Mops

Our Pulse Mops employ washable microfibre mop-heads and cloths to use less water and minimise waste. Pulse mops are also ergonomically friendly – weighing just 1.7kg when full loaded with solution, the trigger handle allows for one-handed operation, helping to reduce repetitive strain injury.



Biological cleaning solutions

More than 75% of BioHygiene’s technology comes from sustainable and renewable sources, which have a neutral or positive CO2 e impact. Bio Hygiene uses 4th generation technology, combining sustainable biotechnology such as enzymes, organic acids, fermentation extracts and microbes with 100% recycled plastic bottles and FSC certified packaging.

Recycled uniforms to get new lease of life

We recently rolled out a recycled uniform range across the company in collaboration with our suppliers. These new polo tops and soft shell jackets are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and our aim is have 100% of staff wearing recycled uniforms by 2025. We are also working closely with suppliers to have a closed loop system in place that will see all old uniforms un-branded, and sent to charities who can re badge them, or recycled into blankets that can be distributed out to homeless charities.

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