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Security Services

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have been the target of criminal activity in the last 12 months.

ISME National Crime Survey 2016

Engage the services of a professional security company. Secure your assets and protect your revenue.

Business owners have a responsibility to protect customers, staff personnel, and their property. Protecting your companies assets begins with ensuring the physical security of your business premise. Hire the services of a professional security company to prevent burglary, vandalism and secure valuable stock.

Are your workplace security services sufficient?

Irish companies are taking extra steps to mind the health and hygiene of staff and customers due to COVID-19. This is specifically true for retail security and commercial security personnel. Security personnel are stepping forward to lead the safety of both employees and customers by monitoring compliance with health guidelines.

The importance and role of private security services for companies now extend beyond traditional physical security with licensed security officers taking on a range of roles such as COVID compliance officers.

Looking for a security company you can trust?

Outsource Support an Irish-owned company, specialising in private security sector serving clients requirements throughout Ireland is licensed by The Private Security Authority Ireland.  In addition, Outsource Support is accredited with IS 999:2004 by EQA Ireland.

The presence of trained security guards is a proactive solution in crime prevention ensuring your business’s continuity. Our security staff are a visible deterrent to unauthorised entry and responsive to behaviour potentially leading to criminal activity.

Security Services reduce the opportunity for crime.

Protecting your business from crime is an ongoing concern for businesses, in particular retail stores and shopping centres. Reducing the cost of theft and vandalism damage is a key benefit of outsourcing security services. Manned guarding reduces the opportunity for crime. Whilst keyholding assists business owners in responding to incidents and any subsequent liaison with Gardaí.

Outsource Support Manned Guarding Security Services

Outsource Support staff provides a comprehensive range of security solutions including:

Security Services - Manned Guarding and Door Supervision

Manned Guarding

Outsource Support’s security personnel are highly trained, licensed by The PSA Ireland, and motivated to protect our clients’ people, property, and assets from security and public safety concerns, with respect and in a professional manner.

Security Services - Front-of-House Reception & Concierge Staff

Front-of-House Reception & Concierge Staff

Our uniformed front-of-house reception staff are highly experienced in customer service welcoming visitors and answering incoming calls while delivering professional first impressions to clients. Additionally, Outsource Support staff are trained and proficient in Microsoft Office programs.

Security Services - Mobile Patrol Staff

Mobile Security & Patrols

Physical and regular security presence on your site. Mobile Security & patrol services offer a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not require around-the-clock on-site static security guards. Furthermore, uniformed mobile patrol vehicles or nightguard security staff can respond quickly to a burglar alarm or a fire alarm in an emergency call-out. Mobile Security & Patrols can visit premises on a routine or random basis, covering internal patrols, and external perimeter patrols. Mobile Security & Patrols cover both occupied or vacant property inspections.

Security Services - Keyholding & Intruder Alarm Response

Keyholding & Intruder Alarm Response

Outsource Support key holding service means we hold a set of spare keys to access your property for use in an emergency. A professional key holding service means we can control third-party access for deliveries and repairs. Secondly, we provide alarm response and reactivate alarms in an out-of-hours emergency. A rapid alarm response service offers convenience for business owners, reduces unnecessary risks to your lone staff and improves response times to incidents.

Security Services - Remote CCTV Camera System Monitoring

Remote CCTV Camera System Monitoring

Remote video monitoring of live CCTV video footage enables rapid response across multiple sites and perimeters experiencing intrusion detection. Therefore, our team can tailor responses to CCTV incidents 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Additionally, with direct access to mobile patrol guards, our CCTV control room operators deliver faster response times. Ultimately, preventing damage to your property and assets.


COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Adhering to the Return to Work Safely (RTWS) Protocol COVID-19 Compliance Officers ensure that COVID-19-related protocols are observed in the workplace. COVID-19 Compliance Officer duties and responsibilities aim to prevent transmission of COVID-19 between employees. For more information about our security services fill in the contact us form linked below!

More About COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • Temperature screening stations.
  • Compliance with hand sanitisation.
  • Adhering to face covering regulations.
  • Observing social distancing measures by staff, visitors and contractors.
  • Collect COVID-19 contact tracing logs.
  • Verify COVID-19 Return to Work Forms.
  • Validate visitor identity.
  • Confirm valid Safe Pass (if applicable).

Hire a trusted PSA Ireland licensed Security Provider. EQA Ireland accredited with IS 999:2004.

Security Services - EQA Management System and Security Certification Body
Security Services - The Private Security Authority Ireland

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