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As a Facility services company, we can provide services to a broad spectrum of industry sectors which incorporate single sites to group contracts, large industrial units to multi-floor commercial buildings. Each sector has its own unique requirements as do each of our customers. We tailor our services to meet individual needs and ensure your premises are maintained to meet the expectations of you, your employee’s and visitors.

Commercial & Office

We provide our services to offices and commercial properties. Ensuring your commercial premises is clean, secured and fully maintained is imperative in providing your visitors with an impressive first impression. We have clearly structured processes and provide complete transparency which gives you peace of mind that your premises are being looked after, professionally, efficiently and reliably.

Hospitals & Healthcare

We provide a range of professional facilities management and services to the HSE and healthcare sector including GP surgeries, health centres, care centres, dental practices and hospitals. We understand the importance of maintaining and cleaning HSE and healthcare properties, to ensure they are safe for patients, staff and visitors alike.

Retail Parks & Shopping Centres

We understand the nuances of retail properties and provide a national service to clients with multiple sites of varying sizes. Ensuring your retail premises provide the correct impression to your customers is essential in maintaining your brand image. We look after the maintenance, on site security and cleaning and environmental services of single and multiple retail sites.

Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution

Often the most challenging environments to keep clean and compliant are manufacturing plants, distributions centres and industrial facilities. We understand that no two facilities are the same and following a site survey we will be able to provide a tailored solution for your premises. Ensuring the building is clean and compliant is our priority with the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff our focus.

Industrial, Construction & Building Refurbishment

Our industrial cleaning services range from high reach window cleaning for warehouses to industrial power washing, factory cleaning of specialised equipment and large scale floor cleaning. Simplifying the management of soft facility management services does not mean you compromise on workplace health and safety. Contrarily, you are ensuring a safe working environment across your production lines, packaging areas and storage facility.

Core Service Expertise

It is not an unknown fact that companies with experience are far more reliable than the newbies. This doesn’t exclude the fact that the recent ones don’t stand anywhere in work and performance but it is always better to go with an experienced hand. Higher the number of businesses managed and maintained by a facility management service provider is a clear indication of the customer-centric culture and gives an upper hand to innovate and upgrade existing techniques in the long run. Researching about the industries that the firm has dealt with over the past years speaks volumes of their work culture and performance. To choose from a lot, testimonials of the company’s previous associations can be of great help.

Experienced companies are not just better in management and providing a new perspective to even day-to-day operation but are also pro’s in analytical decisions and planning. This opens doors for continual reviewal of existing procedures and streamlined activities across your whole facility.

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