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workplaces & facilities.

Creating a better overall work environment.

Here at Outsource Support, we are committed to delivering a superior, more reliable and cost-effective facility support service than any other facility company.

Always efficient and constantly striving for excellence, customers can expect a very high standard of service across management operations, communications and service delivery quality.

We run a tight ship and strive to be the best facility and workplace support service, from the people we employ, the systems, products, and maintenance equipment we use. Supported by the best practices in facility management and staying ahead with the latest technology, we work together to create cleaner, safer workplaces. We value our team’s commitment which is why we pay all our staff above the minimum wage. Thus, creating a better overall work environment enabling us to retain the best staff.

Our Staff

Reliable Staff

As an organisation, Outsource Support recruit passionate people and managers who will be with our operations for the long term.

More About Our Staff

We invest heavily in training and professional development. We believe every team member and manager can fulfil their professional potential. At Outsource Support we provide job-specific training coupled with individual training requirements.

Delivering superior facility management support is made possible by individuals who are skilled and committed. Our commitment to paying above the minimum wage ensures our community flourishes.

We only employ individuals legally entitled to work in Ireland. All our staff have successfully passed our security vetting procedure meaning they are safe to work around children and vulnerable adults.


Training Academy

Our training academy at our Drogheda town centre head office is one of the cleanest offices in Ireland.

About Outsource Training Academy

All Outsource Support cleaning staff undertake a BICSc accredited training programme. We developed our fully equipped training academy in association with the British Institute of Cleaning Science. Training modules ensure staff have a technical understanding of our equipment, the correct and safe cleaning process, plus efficient and effective cleaning.

Security Vetting

Security Vetting

Security vetting is a pre-requisite for all Outsource Support employees from management to onsite personnel.

More About Security Vetting

Security vetting applies to all our staff either directly employed or on contract. Each member of our staff provides verification of identity and passes a positive identity-check. We only employ individuals legally entitled to work in Ireland, and have provided verified references.

Facilities Management Contract

Facilities Contract Management

We understand that quality support services such as preventative maintenance require both strong vendor relationships and expert contract management.

Facility Management Systems

Facility Management Systems

Outsource Support embraces new and innovative technologies wherever feasible as part of our facility management services. We continuously look to improve our operational efficiency and customer experience across the equipment and the facility management software we use.

More About Management System

Keeping track of our employees via a sophisticated time and attendance tracking system enables us to make proactive and informed decisions that enhance your work space. Our vehicle fleet management system means we can monitor the location and reactively dispatch our vehicles to your business. Meanwhile, our national support office centrally logs and report customer interactions via our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Outsource support building outline

Environmental Awareness

We believe that an environmentally friendly solution is necessary to reduce environmental impacts for the wellbeing of society, our clients and our business.

More About Environmental

Environmental awareness permeates throughout our entire company. From our head office to every product we use and maintenance contract we operate.

Innovation in Facility Management

Innovation & Leveraging Technology

Innovation is evident across our business – we regularly redefine methods, embrace new digital technologies, automate processes, and explore smarter ways of working.

Customer Service in Facility Management

Customer Service

We operate alongside our clients as trusted strategic partner in facility management solutions. Outsource Support works hard to exceed customer expectations in providing a value-added service not just cost savings.

Quality in Facility Management

Quality of Service

Facility performance monitoring and feedback on daily business operation ensures our clients know exactly what they are getting. We always provide quick and coherent appraisals of our performance that are tailored to our client’s needs.

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