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soft facility management services for a diverse range of industry sectors

Tailored soft facility management solutions for a diverse range of industries.

We understand that different industries have individual soft facility management requirements to maintain an evolving workplace. Whether you’re looking for healthcare, retail, industrial, commercial, government solution, we have the industry expertise to meet your workplace and facility business needs.

Office, Technology & Business Park Facility Services
Office, Technology & Business Park Facility Services

Office, Technology & Business Parks

Maintaining a safe office environment for a healthy and productive workplace is a top priority for all businesses.

Hygiene standards and employees expectations of office cleaning schedules have risen since returning to the office building after working from home (WFH). In today’s collaborative working environment, communal areas and touchpoints such as hot-desks, meeting rooms, breakout areas, shared kitchen areas, door handles and office floors require more frequent cleaning and disinfection.

The appearance of your exterior office building not only impacts your employees’ workplace experience but can also harm your customers’ first impression. Not to mention attracting unwanted attention from persons engaged in criminal activity. Unoccupied office buildings due to COVID-19, the end of a commercial lease or an office move, also carry the added risk of pest infestations.

Whether you have office space in the city centre or part of a large technology business park, maintaining a regular property management routine can significantly reduce the need for emergency pest control.

Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction Sites, Building Refurbishment

Cost efficiency is at the heart of manufacturing businesses across the globe.

It is not surprising that downtime impacts production and ultimately costs your business money. Outsourcing your industrial cleaning can increase the turnaround of production lines, and speed up the handover of construction projects with flexible builders cleaning schedules.

Our industrial cleaning services range from high reach window cleaning for warehouses to industrial power washing, factory cleaning of specialised equipment and large scale floor cleaning. Simplifying the management of soft facility management services does not mean you compromise on workplace health and safety. Contrarily, you are ensuring a safe working environment across your production lines, packaging areas and storage facility.

The first step to mitigating the risk of construction and production downtime is securing industrial units and construction sites, assets, building premises, and staff around the clock. Unlike healthcare facilities or retail facilities, a construction site or industrial unit is often non-customer-facing. However, require reception services or a front-of-house concierge to meet and greet visitors.

Manufacturing Facility Services
Manufacturing Facility Services
School Cleaning Services
Outsource Support School Cleaning Services

Schools, Colleges and Education Facilities

Large communal spaces shared by hundreds of people every day of the academic year is a hotspot for germs.

Our teachers and students need a safer learning environment at creches, primary schools, secondary schools, third level colleges, universities and educational centres across Ireland.

Without a regular school cleaning program high traffic surfaces like light switches and door handles can easily spread back-to-school germs. Outsource Support, devises a school cleaning program and cleaning checklist following HPSC government guidelines, to ensure hygienic cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, staff rooms, canteens, school corridors, bathroom facilities, and sports halls.

Often working with tight budgets and seeking value for money, complete facility solutions including environmental pest control, after school security and schools cleaning programs can be tailored to suit individual needs during the academic year and school holidays.

All our staff have successfully passed our security vetting procedure meaning they are safe to work around children and vulnerable adults.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Healthcare

Maintaining a risk-free environment in healthcare facilities requires robust and rigorous cleaning management.

Putting patient and healthcare worker safety first in hospitals, healthcare clinics, and nursing homes requires a complete healthcare facility services strategy. Outsource support staff understand the complex nature of hospital environmental hygiene. All our staff are trained in cleaning products to use, healthcare cleaning techniques and cleaning equipment that prevent the spread of infections.

Across the North East, Hospitals and healthcare facilities are subject to high volume footfall 24/7. Staff, patients and visitors travel the corridors, lifts, stairwells, visit patients wards, canteens and operating rooms. As well as identifying the high-frequency clinical cleaning requirements, the management of healthcare facilities also needs to consider the security risks in their operations. Outsource Support provide staff for hospital security services such as manned guarding, mobile patrol, and front of house access control.

Outsource Support - COVID-19 Electrostatic Sanitisation
Outsource Support - COVID-19 Electrostatic Sanitisation
Outsource Support - Professional Pressure Washing Services
Outsource Support - Professional Pressure Washing Services

Retail Stores, Retail Parks & Shopping Centres

Store first impressions really do count and your bottom line will thank you for it.

Customers intention to revisit a retail store based on their shopping experience can be directly linked to their perception of the shopping centre cleanliness, store safety and security measures.

Following prolonged periods of closure, the retail community is preparing to reopen and hiring retail cleaning specialists enables businesses to refocus on core business. Whether its store front cleaning , dusting off shelves, retail window cleaning or perimeter ground maintenance maintaining your retail exterior will help entice customers instore.

More recently, the increase in food service, cafes and food-to-go offerings within larger outlets and smaller retailers adds to the need for increased frequency of retail cleaning, janitorial services and preventative pest control measures to meet the standards of the Food Safety authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Retail footfall can vary by time of day, day of the week to time of the year, which means you need a facilities service provider that is flexible and adaptable as your business needs change.

Government & Public Sector

The ability to provide cost effective facility services to government agencies and public sector organisations is a positive contribution to public finances.

Combining support services such as general interior cleaning services, waste disposal, exterior maintenance of public buildings and offices, reception services, and providing guards and security into a single contract removes the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple suppliers.

With established relationships with government agencies, Outsource Support is ideally positioned to support state bodies, local government, and regional county councils with planned and reactive maintenance services in the community. Our track record of meeting and exceeding service level agreements (SLAs) is a testament to our committed staff and management team.

Meanwhile, our COVID-compliance officers, are providing improved building control access, with new security services to protect employees and the public against new threats.

Grounds Maintenance at the National Concert Hall
Grounds Maintenance at the National Concert Hall
Corporate Sector Facility Services
Corporate Sector Facility Services

Corporate, Finance, Insurance & Banking

Keeping your corporate office environment clean improves staff productivity and employee wellbeing, and in financial terms that translates into real money.

From the boardroom to the canteen, maintaining a professional image across a corporate office building extends beyond the initial investment in workspace interiors. We understand that office hours across the finance, insurance and banking sector can result in irregular office work patterns, and our corporate cleaning services are flexible in adapting daily office cleaning schedules for banking institutes.

With a diversified client base across both the public and private sectors, we can provide facility support across multi site locations. So whether you require front of house reception services at your Dublin city centre corporate office, mobile security patrol at a retail bank branch location, or exterior cleaning of high touch points such as windows and ATM’s we have a facility support solution to meet your needs.

Hospitality, Museums, Leisure & Entertainment

Creating the perfect guest experience starts from the moment your customers arrive.

Whether you are running a family hotel, restaurant, health and fitness club, or cinema, small details of your buildings management count in making a positive first impression. Customers expect the highest standards of maintenance and cleanliness across visitor amenities in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Choosing the right facility partner could make all the difference in your star ratings review and set you apart from the competition. Managing facilities in the hospitality sector are not without its challenges. Maintaining operational costs and complying with health and safety legislation for your guests and staff wellbeing requires the services of an experienced hospitality facilities provider.

From uniformed hotel concierge staff, front-of-house receptionists, landscaping and grounds maintenance to the finer details of janitorial services or discreet pest control is a 24/7 job. Outsource Support also has experience with event management, providing security services to the Irish Maritime Festival public event in Drogheda.

Outsource Support Security Services.
Outsource Support Security Services. Image Courtesy: maritimefestival.ie
Logistics, Distribution & Transport Centres Facility Services
Logistics, Distribution & Transport Centres Facility Services

Logistics , Distribution & Transport Centres

Protecting your transport assets and securing your inventory is essential for all logistics facilities.

We understand that one of the biggest facility challenges in the logistics sector is warehouse security and inventory control. We provide facility support services for the daily operation of logistics companies. Our services include manned guarding, alarm response, and mobile security patrols to secure your industrial warehouse storage facilities and smaller urban logistics depots.

The rapid growth in e-commerce sales presents new opportunities for many delivery companies with distribution, warehousing and transport centres across Ireland.

The logistics sector needs to protect the health and safety of its warehouse employees. Amid the growing customer demand for delivery services, maintaining social distancing within distribution centres poses challenges for delivery companies. Outsource Support COVID-19 Compliance Officers ensure that COVID-19-related protocols are observed in the workplace to prevent transmission of COVID-19 between employees.

In addition to industrial cleaning services for warehouses, Outsource Support also offer on-site waste segregation-recycling services. Separating different waste streams and storing them effectively (for example: compacting light mixed and packaging wastes) can minimise the overall volume and cost of waste disposal.

Property & Facility Management

Outsource support works alongside leading global property and facility management companies in the Irish market

We service clients in their growing property management network across major cities, including Dublin and Cork.

With steady demand across commercial property management, our deep local knowledge of developments and synergies in our facility maintenance services enables us to deliver economic solutions across a range of commercial property portfolios.

Our offices located with direct motorway access to industrial developments and commercial centres along the M1 Corridor and M50 enables us to build strategic supply partnerships with property and facility management companies in Ireland.

Property & Facility Management
Property & Facility Management

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