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COVID-19 support services

covid-19 has changed the way we live and work

Supporting your business return to work safely

Outsource Support anticipates change and reacts quickly. Adapting our operating procedures to ensure business continuity and build operational resilience.

Early adoption of social-distancing measures, COVID-19 prevention training, and provision of tools and technology by our head office staff has enabled our teams to continue to work safely across clients sites. Outsource Staff are trained and fully adhere to the Work Safely Protocol to minimise the risk of infection in client sites, giving you peace of mind as you reopen your business.

Outsource Support - COVID-19 Electrostatic Sanitisation

COVID-19 Electrostatic Sanitisation

The process of sanitizing reduces the growth and occurrence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi by 99%.

Outsource Support staff facilitate regular touch point cleaning and sanitisation and carry out the highest standards of hygiene and provide guidance to building users to make them feel secure.

Our expert staff can support with tasks including administering receipt of and sanitising all items arriving in the workplace, securing and distributing office supplies to staff on request, guiding employees and visitors, and maintaining social distancing in lifts.

Office Deep Clean Service

According to the World Health Organisation, surfaces must be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Cleaning helps to remove pathogens or significantly reduce their load on contaminated surfaces and is an essential first step in any disinfection process. Environmental surfaces include sinks and toilets, electronics (touch screens and controls), furniture, and other fixed items, such as countertops, stairway rails, floors, and walls.

Outsource Support - COVID-19 Deep Clean

90 +

Outsource Support staff are focused on delivering the highest quality service.

Infection Control

We provide a full range of specialist cleaning, restoration, and preventative maintenance services in all working environments.

Outsource Support infection control programs help to safeguard your premises. We use eco-friendly, highly effective products and processes that are the safest in the service industry, so your business is delivering the kind of quality and safe care everyone has the right to receive.

Professional Pressure Washing Services

If your business has been left unoccupied due to Covid-19 restrictions, you may need to carry out essential maintenance and cleaning to prepare for reopening.

Using a professional industrial pressure washing service is a cost-effective method to instantly lift the appearance of your exterior building and improve your property’s curb appeal. Our pressure washing technicians have the know-how and expertise to clean all of your property’s hard surfaces. We have successfully removed dirt, grime, algae, moss and signs of air pollution from many different hard surfaces. We can clean all pathways, patios and exterior walls.

For your convenience, you can book a pressure washing service seven days a week. So whether you are looking for a one-off deep clean or need a periodic cleaning schedule to maintain a consistent building appearance, our team can provide a customised cleaning service.

Outsource Support - Professional Pressure Washing Services
Outsource Support - COVID-19 Officer

COVID-19 Compliance Officers

Adhering to the Return to Work Safely (RTWS) Protocol COVID-19 Compliance Officers ensure that COVID-19-related protocols are observed in the workplace.

COVID-19 Compliance Officer duties and responsibilities aim to prevent transmission of COVID-19 between employees.

  • Temperature screening stations.
  • Compliance with hand sanitisation.
  • Adhering to face covering regulations.
  • Observing social distancing measures by staff, visitors and contractors.
  • Collect COVID-19 contact tracing logs.
  • Verify COVID-19 Return to Work Forms.
  • Validate visitor identity.
  • Confirm valid Safe Pass (if applicable).

Outsource Support staff provides a comprehensive range of security services to help businesses protect employees, customers and assets.

Pest Control Services

COVID-19 lockdown has increased the risk of pest infestations in unoccupied buildings.

Pest infestations are particularly detrimental for food retailers, supermarkets, healthcare, and hospitality facilities. Outsource Support provide complete pest control services including preventative pest control measures. With offices in Dublin and Drogheda, our pest technicians are serving areas across the north east.

If you suspect your business is impacted by a pest infestation, contact your local pest control expert in Outsource Support who can provide you with advice on our complete pest control services.

Outsource Support - COVID-19 Pest Control

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