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Our experienced facilities teams are focused on delivering the highest quality service.

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Workers produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment

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Our priority is to create spotless environments and exceptional first impressions, time and time again, through outstandingly clean and safe premises.

We make a difference. Confident, helpful and responsive teams who are fully trained and vetted, prepared and ready for the challenges of each new day with the flexibility to react to unforeseen changes.

Our cleaning solutions unite our experience alongside innovative processes, pioneering customer service, and consistent delivery to ensure you receive an exceptional cleaning experience.

Outsource Support provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services and environmental services including:

Daily Office Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning

We deliver bespoke cleaning solutions to a significant number of clients in every sector.

More About Daily Office Cleaning

We have considerable experience in the private corporate sector as well as within education, property management, leisure and retail, rail and transportation, industry and manufacturing, councils and local authorities, and emergency services sectors.

Our management teams provide an enthusiastic working culture that promotes an energetic and motivated workforce, fully aware of each client’s operational and aesthetic needs. This dynamic approach underpins our ‘we can, we do’ attitude delivered by assertive and approachable cleaning teams.

Our delivery models are lean, flexible and cost-efficient; tailored to the specific needs of each client which enables better-defined expectations, greater consistency and a platform for continuous improvement.

Clinical Deep Clean & Infection Control

Clinical Deep Clean & Infection Control

We have extensive experience of working with a variety of healthcare establishments.

More About Clinical Deep Clean & Infection Control

Outsource Support have designed an infection control program to help eradicate hospital acquired infections across all our medical establishments. Safeguarding your premises with eco-friendly, highly effective products and processes that are the safest in the healthcare service industry, so your practice is delivering the kind of quality and safe care everyone has the right to receive.

Specialist Hygiene Cleaning

Specialist Hygiene Cleaning

We provide a full range of specialist cleaning, restoration and preventative maintenance services in all working environments.

More About Specialist Hygiene Cleaning

Our specialist teams are extensively trained in each specific specialist cleaning / maintenance technique, in terms of: processes; products and equipment; complex environments; and relevant health and safety regulation, legislation and compliance.

  • Accommodation Deep Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Specialist Data Centre / Clean Room Cleaning
  • Specialist Floor / Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning
  • Electronic Equipment Cleaning
  • Escalator Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Maintenance
  • Sharps / Medical Disposal

The result is a seamless, unobtrusive and compliant service, not only in its application, but also in its efficiency, flexibility and practicality.

Washroom and Janitorial Services

Washroom and Janitorial Services

Outsource Support offers a complete suite of Washroom and Janitorial Services to meet the exacting requirements of all clients.

More About Washroom and Janitorial Services

We utilise the latest design concepts to ensure we lead innovation and set the standard for environmentally friendly equipment and consumables.

  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Hand-care Services (including bespoke premium range)
  • Water Services
  • Air Fragrance and Neutralisation Services
  • Vending Services
  • Cubicle Services
  • Flush Control Systems
  • Sharps and Medical Disposal

We only use products with stylish design and manufacture which are safe, practical, functional and cost-effective.

Consumables Management

Consumables Management

Outsource Support will manage consumables on site ensuring stock levels never run too low.

More About Consumables Management and Recycling Services

Outsource Support procures a complete range of consumables on behalf of clients at preferential rates given our vast network of operational contracts, our extensive partnerships with all major consumable suppliers and our skilled approach in applying significant leverage via economies of scale.

In addition, we place the upmost importance on environmentally-friendly product procurement.

Furthermore, we implement a Consumables Usage Improvement Project which follows a tried and tested ‘eliminate, minimise, change and assess’ process which helps derive greater sustainability and efficiencies for all clients and our business as a whole.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning provision utilises the latest technology alongside pioneering techniques to ensure a premium level window cleaning service.

More About Window Cleaning

Our specialist training and ongoing management prioritises health and safety above every other consideration in ensuring a safely delivered service, building by building, throughout our operational portfolio.

Our highly trained teams have a diverse array of access solutions, including a high level reach and pole wash systems, cradle-based access equipment, mobile elevating working platforms/towers; and abseiling equipment.

Experienced teams focused on delivering the highest quality service, ensuring compliance with health, safety and environmental standards.

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